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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live at sfo where passengers witnessed their pilot getting beaten and having his life threatened. two men are now in custody thanks to passengers. >> don't mess with alex trebek. game show host is getting ready for surgery on his foot and we have an exclusive interview of the woman who is accused of breaking into his hotel room. >> here is a look at the fog and look at mount diablo. we're going to talk about a warming trend in your forecast that will need the air conditioner in several spots. i'm sue hall. we've got a major accident in san jose on freeways there and we're following that as that develops. its thursday. thanks a lot for charming us. >> it's called kharma, i
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couldn't recognize highway 24 so we are equal buddy. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's get down to the news. >> an american airlines flight from miami is on the ground in the bay area in morning but arrived later than expected after the pilot got in a fist fight with two passengers on board. amy hollyfield is live at sfo. amy, passengers had to come to the rescue. >> reporter: it was a very violent attack on the pilot. at one point, one of men said when you fly to san juan, i will have you killed. here are pictures that passengers took of the incident. this is once the men left the plane. it all started on the plane. one of the men was sleeping. it appeared he was drunk. he wouldn't wake up and buckle his seat belt. the pilot decided to pull back to the gate and asked one of men
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to get off the plane. the brother decided to get off, too. then they turned violent on the pilot. here is a description and reaction to his role in the incident. >> it was really erratic. suspicious. bothering other passengers. so we left to go to take off and then the pilot brought the plane back. we ended up going back to take care of it. it was natural. just doing my duty, that's all. >> reporter: here are the mugshots of the brothers that were arrested. jonathan and luis baez were arrested. pilot was first hit in the eye possibly causing him permanent
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damage. he followed them to make sure they exited and that is when the two men jumped him and beat him. the passengers then jumped in to help. they held him until police came and arrested them. truly an incredible story and at 2:00 a.m., many were shaking their hadz heads at what they witnessed. in oakland a good samaritan is clinging to life this morning as police look for the person who shot him. brother john as locals know him was shot as he was handing out food. someone opened fire on the van that the family was in. >> he stopped, he backed up. then all of a sudden, three shots. then i ducked and then two more shots. >> they were feeding people that
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are less fortunate. >> he is listed in critical condition. his wife was grazed by a bullet and one of the daughters was shot in the arm. shooter was alone in an older model astro van. there is a $25,000 reward for an arrest in the case. the woman that is accused of breaking into alex trebek's hotel room is denying it. trebek was in town hosting a geography championship at google headquarters. >> alex trebek is back home getting ready for surgery on his foot tomorrow. the suspected prowl ser in jail. trebek was in the bay area graduate to host a world championship at google headquarters in mountain view. about 2:30 a.m. on tuesday a
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woman broke into his room at marriott on fourth street in san francisco. he says he was there with his wife at the time. trebek chased him down the hallway falling and tearing his achilles tendon. the woman is not a hotel employee, last night she told abc7 she was never in trebek's room. >> so why do you think you were arrested? >> because of my record. i haven't done anything. i haven't gone in his room or nothing. just i said i wasn't in the room and i stood by that. i wasn't in his room. >> i said what were you doing in the room? she says i was visiting friends. i said no you weren't. let's see what security has to say about that. as i reached for the phone to call security she bolted. she ran down the hall. i chased her and i didn't get more than 25 feet before my right achilles tendon ruptured.
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they found his wallet and cellphone behind an ice machine but he lost cash and a bracelet. he turned 71 last friday. the he had to hobble around on crutches do during the contest in mountain view. he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow and will be in a cast for six weeks. he says the jeopardy taping should not be affected by all of this. san francisco police say she has a long rap sheet. it's still not known how she got into the room while the couple was sleeping. experts say why it's so important to use all the door locks when you are staying in any hotel. other news, clorox is stepping up to help the oakland police department with its continuing communications problems. they are donating $50,000 to buy new laptop computers for oakland's police cars. the donation will buy 11
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laptops. oakland police say only six working computers in the fleet and some more are being installed in the cars. the computers will helpful officers who suffered repeatedly with dangerous failures of their radio systems. >> a san jose man is being called a hero after he saved a little girl and father from drowning. firefighters say last night the 6-year-old girl and father were in the pool at townhouse complex on miller avenue. they discovered them at bottom of the pool. a friend jumped in and pulled her out. they revived her with cpr but the fire department is considering issuing a commendation. >> mike has the answer to the question when are the clouds going to burn off? >> i would say about noon. you see the storm track to the north. what it does show the storm track to the north and we're
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seeing the warmer weather that is on the way. in fact let's take a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, inland, we'll have temperatures in the low to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. upper 80s and south bay and los gatos, maybe even probably around 90 degrees for you guys. most of bay will be upper 70s to 80s. coast will be mid-50s. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the forecast as temperatures jump a couple more degrees. temperatures will remain in the low to mid 90s inland. upper 70s to low 80s around the bay. low to mid-50s at the coast next week. temperatures are pretty close to average. cloudy in the 50s and 60s. good morning, sue. you have a major accident. >> in san jose, it is southbound 680 just past mckee. unfortunately it was three of the four lanes and just getting
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word that the accident has been moved to the shoulder. there is still an overturn with partial blocking of lane. walnut creek, southbound 680 at you drive toward the 24 junction moving at the limit. no problems into the bay bridge maze. let's look at the san mateo bridge, still have a stall that is blocking, you can see the blinking lights. blocking a lane but no major delays headed westbound. just ahead, residents stage an unusual protest to let banks know they are not holding up their end of the deal. >> and los angeles movie premiere that turned into a riot x
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morning everyone. 6:13 on this thursday morning, thanks for joining us. a little cloudy, foggy start to the morning, this should burn off by noon and mini warmup on the way. federal prosecutors are urging a judge to honor a jury's verdict finding bear bring bonds guilty of obstruction of justice. they filed papers opposing the granting a new trial. he gave an answer whether his
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trainer ever gave him performance enhancing drugs for injections. a hearing has been set for august 26. most of the nation's largest metropolitan areas are seeing a sharp drop of foreclosure activity as banks take longer to move against delinquent homeowners. 84% of metropolitan areas with a population of at least 200,000 people saw their foreclosure rates. one reason for the slowdown, lenders are looking for loan modifications for delinquent homes rather than foreclosure notices. >> people in east san jose have come unan interesting way to show banks how upset they are. 20 members of the community organization threw trash into a wells fargo bank. it came from a property owned by wells fargo. bank of america is responsible
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for maintaining the property for wells fargo but neighbors say they have been slow to response for cleanup requests. they say they will fine owners who don't properly maintain their properties. bank of america says it will pay the fines and clean up the property within 48 hours. let's look at the golden way for mike about when the clouds will burn off. >> we have some golden sunshine. >> sutro tower back to the east this morning. good morning to you. coming occupy 6:15 and right now the only people that are going to see the sunshine is east bay valleys. everybody else under a thin band of clouds. it will quick retreat back to the coast and warmer weather is on the way for just about all of us. let's talk about the temperatures. it is still pretty mild in the morning hours. we have 60 in antioch. 61 in mountain view, everyone
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else in the mid to upper 50s. so highlights for this forecast period, warmer around the bay and inland today. still kind of cloudy and cool at the coast. now all of us no matter how hot you get today, it will be comfortable and nice and look for more clouds around the coast around the bay. the clouds will hang around all of the weekend. two degrees warmer in concord and san jose. santa rosa, 6. >> here is a look at the cloud cover. 5:00, all the way through about 9:00, you see the quick retreat to the coast. by noon, everybody is breaking out to the sunshine and it you going to be sticky in your neighborhoods, 60s and 70s and 80s dominate most of the bay and 80s and 90s inland neighborhoods. we'll start down in the south bay, mid-80s in sunnyvale and
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milpitas. to 86 in san jose. quite a spread on the peninsula today, about 83 degrees in palo alto. tell in menlo park and redwood city. mid to upper 70s for millbrae and san mateo. low to mid-50s along the coast. daly city about 63. near 70 in downtown san francisco with more sunshine. ten in sausalito but a ten degree jump in san rafael at 82. mid-80s to even upper 80s to north bay valleys. ukiah, near 100 degrees. richmond down to san leandro and hayward, low to mid-70s. oakland 75. hercules, castro valley, fremont newark all low mid-80s. east bay valleys, low to upper 90s, walnut creek and dublin, 92 and brentwood, 97 degrees. low 90s gilroy and then upper 50s to mid-80s around the monterey bay. four-game set comes to
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conclusion, 70 degrees, warming up to around 74. by tonight, you can see the clouds gathering around the bay and the coast. pretty clear in the east bay valleys where the warmest weather will be. accu-weather seven-day forecast, tomorrow probably the hottest day, saturday a lot like today. sunday few degrees cooler. monday and tuesday, probably the coolest days where temperatures should be at this time of the year. good morning. you have an update? >> good news. we go to san jose where an earlier accident southbound 680 has been cleared. the overturn is off to the side of the road and traffic is getting by just fine. once again, southbound 680 in san jose. checking in with public transit, no delays reported. ace train a slight delay, train number one but no problems to report. muni, caltrain, bart all looking good. we do have slow traffic
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beginning your grind out of the antioch area, westbound highway 4, bumper-to-bumper, hillcrest to leverage. i want to tell you the bay bridge toll plaza, but the camera is socked in. you can tell it's foggy there. westbound 80, east shore freeway as you head into the macarthur maze. no stalls or accidents. metering lights remain off at the toll plaza so we don't have any delays as of yet. go to is the website. bay area traffic is to click for all the latest information. >> it's now 6:19. a hollywood premiere looks like a scene right out of a movie. police clashed with a crowd that threw bottles. it happened last night after hundreds of people were angry about a cancelled premiere. it was for a documentary about -- where a 15-year-old
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girl died after drug overdose last year. >> coming up, new technology that could have you paying for online purchases by simply holding up your credit card. >> and glowing dog that some say could lead to a cure to alzheimer's around other diseases. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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welcome back. a cosmetic ad featuring julia roberts has been banned britain.
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advertising standards council says the image of a flawless roberts used by loreal xaj rates results from using the product. loreal there was retouching but you can see lines on roberts and the effects are possible. an ad featuring walnut model was also banned. they were appropriating foundation under the loreal brand. >> a new service, let's users make payments by holding their credit cards in front of a web cam. the company says this will not only speed up the payment process, it will cut down on fraud. >> scientists in south korea have created a dog that literally glows. the glow can be turned on and off based on what its fed could find a cure for alzheimer's in humans.
6:25 am
here is the dog a cloned beagle. it carries a specific gene the glowing triggered by antibiotics. they say that it will allow them to experiment with other antibiotics. >> still ahead, mystery donor that are saving amps man's east bay. >> and proposed ban for circumcision goes back to courtroom today. >> and he was the first man accused of beating giant's fan bryan stow. now what giovanni ramirez is asking a judge to do to make things right. >> reporter: another flight has been delayed because of unruly passengers on board. i'm amy hollyfield live at sfo. you'll hear from some of the passengers up next. >> and any sfo flight delays, about 32 minutes and in o'hare
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are delayed, too. use our flight tracker at
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning, 6:239 on this thursday, stock futures are holding steady ahead of a house vote on the debt ceiling. labor report will be released
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this morning. [ bell ringing ] >> the numbers of people filing for unemployment has dropped to the lowest level in four months. we'll see how investors are reacting. >> a flight landed a at sfo overnight after a wild trip from miami. witnesses talk of obnoxious passengers coming to blow west side an angry pilot that ended up injured. amy hollyfield is live. other passengers had to get involved. >> reporter: they did. they were very brave. this was a violent attack on this pilot. police say at one point, they said to the they said to the pilot if you ever fly to san juan i will have you killed. this is after they had left the plane. it all started on the plane. one of the men was sleeping and wouldn't wake up to buckle his seat belt.
6:31 am
the pilot decided to pull the plane off the tarmac and asked them to debt off the plane. but they turned violent on the pilot and passengers jumped in to help. >> there was a scuffle that took place. about three or four of us tackled the guy. i guess the pilot ended up with contusions on his face. we just did what we needed to do to help out. >> reporter: there is mugshot of the brothers who were arrested, jonathan and luis baez are being held on aggravated battery charges. the pilot was first hit in the eye possibly causing him permanent damage but he followed them to make sure they exited. that is when two men jumped him and beat him and passengers
6:32 am
jumped in to help. they were able to hold the men down until police arrived and arrested them. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." meanwhile, two grieving sisters on their way from burr kank to dallas were removed from a southwest airlines flight in oakland last night. they say it is a misunderstanding with the flight aten can't. >> i started to break down and started to cry. i'm afraid to fly. i said to the stewardess, when you are going to be serving, i'll have a glass of wine. she said, i think you have had enough. of course, i hadn't anything to dripping. >> she was very softly crying. it was not a crying that anybody would hear. >> the sisters say they were pulled off the plane by waiting supervisor because they were considered a flight risk. >> i would like an apology. i on really would.
6:33 am
she has no idea what she has done. >> southwest put the sisters up at a hotel and paid for a meal and will put them on a flight back to dallas today but the sisters don't think they will make it back in time to see their father alive. this morning, two men are in a redwood city jail after nearly two-hour chase that went through several bay area cities. it started at 7:45 in newark. officers from the san mateo county s.w.a.t. team, east palo alto police and the chp chased the two suspects. they were originally thought to be the two suspects wanted in connection with several murders in east palo alto. investigators now say, while the two men were in a vehicle that belongs to a murder suspect, they are not the suspects. chase ended around 9:30 on i-5 when officers laid down spike strips and flattened their
6:34 am
tires. attorneys for parolee who was wrongly suspected of beating bryan stow are asking the judge to release him from prison. g giovanni ramirez's attorneys filed papers. they say they were under pressure when they common concluded he violated his parole and a gun was found in his house. he is serving ten months. last week two other suspects were charged for the attack on stow. the giant's fan remains at san francisco general where he is recovering slowly from brain injuries. a backer of a proposed circumcision ban in san francisco is set to return to court to present his final argument following a judge's rule. the ruling yesterday says the proposed ban would violate cal law because local jurisdictions don't have the authority to regulate medical procedures. if the decision holds it would
6:35 am
remove the proposal from the november ballot. jews and muslims argue the circumcision ban violates their first amendment right to perform religious rituals. it appears the campaign is finally working. they are reporting san francisco's appointed interim mayor will now announce that he will run for a full term. lee promised he would not run when he first took office in january but lately he stopped ruling it out. senator dianne feinstein joined the chorus of supports. they will deliver a petition to asking him to run. >> and since senior feinstein was mayor herself, she knows how involved had a job is. let's check in with mike.
6:36 am
>> a lot pooch people would like to see sunshine. good morning to you. here is a look at the pattern. jetstream to the north. high pressure over the top of us. you can see the lack of low clouds in most neighborhoods even along the west coast but it has definitely slipped into our neighborhoods. it barely has because the winds aren't very fast, 6 at sfo. 3 in hayward. 3 in san jose. so not very strong winds, fairfield at 12. remember earlier this week, they were gusting to 25-35 miles an hour. see the sea breeze is not as fast today has temperatures pretty close to where they were yesterday. temperatures starting out on the same and the clouds are dissipating quicker because of lack of onshore wind. we'll still be in the 50s and 60s by 8:00 but by noon, 80s show up in antioch, livermore,
6:37 am
morgan hill. lot of 70s until you get to san francisco. by 4:00, sunny everywhere except along the coast. mid to upper 50s in half moon bay. a lot of low to mid-80s until the east bay valleys with low to mid 90s. we'll be in the 90s every day inland in this forecast with upper open's to mid-80s around the bay. looks like summer is here for a while. >> good morning. we've got bumper-to-bumper, this is typical out of antioch. westbound highway 4 slowing from hillcrest to leverage. also slow at the bay bridge approach. metering lights are on. we're going to try to show you the toll plaza so lights are on and find backing to the west grand overcrossing at this point. let's take a look at your stall. this is southbound 880 approaching the embarcadero. now you are taking a look at the maze. we do have a stall in oakland's right lane. approach to the bay bridge.
6:38 am
here is 580 approach and all is clear through the maze. backed up at the toll plaza. walnut creek, southbound 680. a little bit of bunching as you hit the 24 junction. no stalls or accidents so far for your thursday morning commute. jet blue has got a new all you can fly plan. more from jane king. a quick look at the big board. dow is up about 19 points. >> new order that has pg&e digging up a pipeline in the area of the massive pipeline explosion. >> and big batted coming to the giants. >> and also the woman accused of breaking into the hotel room of alex trebek gives her side of the story. her exclusive interview coming
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a quiet weather has taken over the state. welcome back. here is your state forecast, live doppler, absent of radar returns. a lot of sunshine and getting warmer everywhere. near 100 in chico and sacramento. 10 may not have palm springs. afternoon sunshine. 80 in l.a., 72 in san diego. tahoe will be 83.
6:43 am
just about 6:43. this morning your airline might owe you a refinanced but it doesn't mean you will get it. federal taxes were suspended when the government failed to renew the faa's authority to oversee air travel. irs is asking airline to refund taxes to people that are bought it before last weekend. airlines are only required to issue the refund if the customers specifically asking asks for one. most airlines aren't changing the flights to remove the expired taxes, just raising rates and keeping the tra xra money. airlines regularly raise fares and adjust their pricing. that is the way the market works. >> it's not fair. they should really do the right thing for their customers. >> the industry says it needs the money to stay profitable and it is a lot of money.
6:44 am
delta says it has taken in $5 million extra per day. >> government experts estimate by 2020 one of every five dollars spent will be on healthcare. they estimated that healthcare spending will average $13,7810 for every man, woman and child that compares to $8,650 spent this year. >> battle increasing the debt limit is making serious divisions on capitol hill. even if it passes the house as expected, democrats are promising to kill it or dramatically amend it in the senate. the white house is also threatened to veto the proposal and there are questions whether house republicans have enough votes to pass the bill in the house. in fact, house speaker john boehner delivered a hard line message to his own party
6:45 am
yesterday telling fellow republicans to get in line or else. it appears to be working. i'm a conservative and i'm pretty hard lined conservative. as i said, i'm going to support this. >> i'm undecided today lean in. we've got to take what we can get. >> with the deadline for a debt deal less than five days away, investors are becoming more fearful that the credit rating could be lowered and that would raise interest rates and making it more expensive to borrow. and we would like to know how the recession has impacted your life. your own personal testimonial. record it and upload it to ureport so we can tell your story. business news, jet blu is out with another unlimited flying plan. jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with
6:46 am
more. hi, jane. >> reporter: google is getting bigger and bigger as it plans to build more infrastructure. government is saying not so fast. several city council members are criticizing a proposal by google it has to do with leased land with a federal agency. it has trails and council members are concerned they may have to relocate part of the trail due to construction of the bridge. mountain view is home to the company and they want to give back to the community so we'll follow. ongoing debt talks in washington. there is a vote on another proposal today. maybe we'll see some progress. markets are starting to reacted but big down day yesterday. take a look today, a lot of money staying on the sidelines until things are clear. about an hour ago we did get good news, it was more than they
6:47 am
estimated, jobless claims was the lowest level. jet blue, popular all you can get plan but it's throwing out unlimited plan. it's called blue pass, it's for flights from boston oggan and long beach airport only. it's part to lure higher paying business travelers. there are nine cities involved. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. generous donor has rescued pleasanton's no kill animal shelter from a possible shut down. we told you about the valley humane society yesterday morning. it has 30 days to raise $125,000 or they will be forced to make severe cuts. an anonymous donor came through with the money. shelter operators they are down by almost a third.
6:48 am
>> we know the economy is not where we wanted it to be. we can't survive without community support. frankly, with this economy, we have seen an increase in demand for services which is one of the reasons we're in a position we're in. >> the shelter has lowered the number of animals it cares for by half. if you would like to help out find a link on our website at look under on see it on tv. turn things over to mike. >> a lot of great out there and flight arrival delays at sfo about 32 minutes but it is mainly around the bay and south bay. east bay valleys, not much in the way, low clouds here. in fact this will be the hottest spot with temperatures in the 90s once again. it's going to get close to air-conditioning weather in this area. good news, it will be comfortable at night with temperatures a lot like they are
6:49 am
this morning. most of us in the 50s. antioch and mountain view, around 50 and 61. monterey bay and inland, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. let's talk about highlights. three things i want you to know. warmer around the bay and inland today with a lot of sunshine. still fairly cloudy and cool at the coast. comfortable tonight everywhere with more clouds around the bay and the coast like we're seeing this morning. warmer inches, we'll have them all the way through the weekend. -- warmer afternoons. this is the coast is still kind of cool. redwood city, one degree cooler. napa, oakland, two degrees and livermore five degrees warmer. in the east bay valleys, we have 92 in walnut creek and dublin. to 97 in brentwood. on the east bay shore, quite a spread from 70 in richmond, 75 in oakland, 82 in union city to
6:50 am
85 in fremont. 90 in saratoga and los gatos. san jose about 86 degrees. 75 in millbrae and 83 in palo alto along the peninsula. we'll have low to mid-60s along copy of the today. near 70 downtown san francisco. 82 in san rafael all the way up to mid and upper 80s in sonoma, napa and santa rosa, with low to mid-60s at your beaches. mid-70s for the rest of the bay and more sunshine, upper 80s to mid 90s for hollister and morgan hill. heading to the a's game we have sunshine. 70 degrees at 12:35, all the way up to 74 as we wrap up a four-game set with the rays. we won last night, 13-4. bringing it back home tonight, cloud cover around the bay again and out to the coast. temperatures in the 50s. it will be mainly around concord and antioch and possibly san
6:51 am
jose. jetstream heading to the north, high pressure backing its way through the desert southwest into the east bay valleys. you'll find the warmest weather there. seven-day forecast, in fact we'll be in the 90s all seven days. it looks like it will be cooler around the bay, especially next week by about four degrees. the coast will drop down into the low 60s. here a beautiful sunset from benicia bridge, sure like to see more of these. weather photos, we would will have to see them. upload them to ureport at good morning, sue. >> pretty picture of the benicia bridge and no problems there. san jose, not a bad commute for your thursday morning. this is southbound 280. a little bit of bunching as you drive out of cupertino toward san jose. san mateo bridge, a little bit of fog down on the span. traffic is moving well. golden gate bridge, fog is a
6:52 am
different story. limited visibility as you come out of the waltodo tunnel. you will find slowing as you approach the span. here we have a stall southbound 880 before embarcadero and oakland, not causing too much slowing but you should be aware of that. we will check your drive time for you. let's take a look at westbound highway 4. bunching, 25-30 minutes. 580 is moving rather slowly toward 680 junction and not a bad commute southbound through marin county. is the website and click on bay area traffic before you leave the house. peg is set to begin digging up an abandoned section of pipe this morning that was originally part of the gas line that blew up in september. the puc ordered it as part of the investigation into the explosion and fire that killed
6:53 am
89 people and destroyed 38 homes. san francisco chronicle reports the stretch of pipe was laid in 1948 and has been inactive since the mid 1950s. the quality of pipe and welds have come under scrutiny since it revealed the section of the line has shoddy welds. >> giants will have the big batted they have been lacking when they play the phillies today. carlos beltran is coming to the team. in exchange they gave up zach wheeler. beltran a six time all-star is expected to bolster their offense which is second to last in the national league in scoring. let's recap top stories. a fight on board an sfo bound flight ended with two men arrested, a pilot injured and passengers jumping in to help. i'm aim is live at the airport with details.
6:54 am
-- i'm is live with details. >> passengers jumped in any way. one of them told us he was doing his duty. two men, two men who were arrested are brothers. jonathan and luis baez. one of them told the pilot if you ever fly to san juan, i will have you killed. witnesses say the men punched the pilot in the eye on the plane. then they finally exited the plane and passengers took pictures of what happened. pilot followed to make sure they exited and that is when the brothers jumped him and beat him. the passengers pulled them off until police arrived. they this are being held on battery charges, it's a federal crime to assault a pilot. the pilot seems okay but he is
6:55 am
getting some rest. good morning. woman accused of breaking into hotel room of alex trebek says she didn't do it. she gave an exclusive interview where she was booked on charges. >> so why do you think you were arrested? >> maybe of my record. i haven't done nothing. i haven't gone in his room or nothing. just like i said i wasn't in the room. and i stood by that. >> police and alex trebek say a different story. jeopardy host hurt his foos chasing her down the hall. she was in town to host a competition at google headquarters. he woke up around 2:30 tuesday morning to find a strange woman sneaking out of the room. he lost some cash and a bracelet. tomorrow he is schedule for
6:56 am
surgery and be in a cast for six weeks but he says it will not affect upcoming tapings of jeopardy. time for a china check on weather and traffic. >> let's take a look at those temperatures. still around 60 in antioch and mountain view, everybody else in the 50s. we still have flight arrival delays into sfo but only about 32 minutes. check out flight tracker at the heat is on in the afternoon. look at all those mid 90s concord, livermore, all the way to clearlake, 97 and cloverdale 94. fremont and palo alto, oakland, richmond, low to mid-70s. good news, no matter how hot it gets in your neighborhood, 50s to near 60s tonight. hottest day in the forecast is tomorrow. good morning. we still have a stall blocking the right lane. this is southbound 880 at the embarcadero in oakland.
6:57 am
crews are trying to get that out of the lanes. it's not slowing too bad in the area. maze, approach to the bridge, slow traffic from the west grand overcrossing. metering lights are on and sluggish heading into the incline. overall not a bad commute this morning. >> thank you for joining us. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. join us for midday news at 11:00.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Oakland 11, Us 9, San Francisco 8, San Jose 8, Antioch 7, Alex Trebek 6, Amy Hollyfield 5, San Mateo 4, Trebek 4, Jonathan 3, Richmond 3, Sfo 3, Concord 3, Embarcadero 3, Luis Baez 3, Jane King 2, Napa 2, Benicia 2, Giovanni Ramirez 2, Livermore 2
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